Landscapes by Dr Dirt



Landscapes by Dr. Dirt

In 2009, I attended an NSTA conference to work our SSSA K-12 booth with others from our Society. One of the activities we brought for the teachers was soil painting. We used index cards with school glue, and dried, crushed, sieved soil for the pigment. 


My original index card concept (3" x 5", center) of the Lighthouse formation in Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Texas inspired me to continue the work in greater detail.

In July, 2010, I completed Lighthouse No.1 (11" x 14", right), followed shortly by Lighthouse No.2 (16" x 20", left) in September, 2010. I used clear acrylic as the media to carry the soil. Every color in the paintings is from a soil I collected while doing land classification in the West and Southwest, soil judging trips in the Great Plains and Midwest, or on family trips.

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Lighthouse paintings 1 and 2

In 2012, I took brush in hand again for Lighthouse No.3 (16" x 20"), which was completed in October as a gift for a Soil Science Society of America staff member and friend who kept our K-12 Committee moving forward.

Lighthouse No. 3 soil painting

In 2013, with the inspiration to provide Christmas gifts, I completed three more.

Lighthouse No. 4 (11" x 14")

Lighthouse No. 4 soil painting

Lighthouse No. 5 (11" x 14")

Lighthouse No. 5 soil painting

Lighthouse No. 6 (16" x 20")

Lighthouse No. 6 soil painting